A Community Strategy Game

A Fun Mobile
Trading Game

The goal of the game is to move as many casters on the board using their stamina, and loot. Resources you find can be used to level up, and chests will contain items that you can trade to gain more wealth and power.
Invite Friends

Share & Earn

Join the community and invite your friends to gain rewards. Connect to the BuddyLink Network to share your username and earn in-game rewards when your friends play the game!

A Most Magical Adventure

In the land of Avaria where magic reigns supreme, GrandCaster Mejulah, the Oracle of Space and Time, has disappeared! In his absence, adventurers must collect resources to level up and master time.

Equip and Loot

Equip your casters with items to increase the number of resources they can collect. Rare items will give you a significant boost and be coveted by others. Grind your way up the leaderboards to Add a Friend.