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Real-time mobile strategy & NFT market economy game
Alpha Launch
April 8th, 2022
Staking released
Q4 2022
DAO Formation
Q1 2023
Treasury Unlock
Q3 2023
Community Takeover
Q4 2023
Frequently asked questions
What is LadderCaster?
A realtime mobile strategy and NFT market economy game, built on Solana.
What is LADA? How do I get it?
LADA will be the native LadderCaster in-game Token. It will be available on the Serum orderbook on launch day. LADA Tokens will initially be sold for $0.01.
Is there a Whitelist or Pre-Sale?
There are no Whitelists or Pre-Sales. The only way to get LADA Token is to trade it on Serum/Jupiter April 8th at 18:00 UTC.
When is the mint?
You will only be able to Mint Casters on April, 8th at 18:OO UTC. Casters will cost 1000 LADA Tokens.
What marketplaces can I use?
LadderCaster characters and items can be listed on Fractal.is, a gaming NFT marketplace; Holaplex, an open-source marketplace, and Magic Eden, Solana’s largest marketplace. Players are able to list NFT drops for durable in-game assets and sell directly to other players.